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8K, baby!
March 16, 2009, 12:35 am
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I did it! I ran my first 8K road race today! Totally unofficially (based on my wristwatch), I ran it in 51:33, totally smoking my hopes of under 55 minutes! I know it’s not super fast, but it was the perfect pace for me at this point. The first three-ish miles were gently uphill, so I held a slow but steady pace for that part. Then, the last mile and a half was downhill! I LOVE running downhill because it’s so darn easy! I just increase my stride and turnover, letting gravity do all the work! Then the last 100 meters, I just gave it all I had. Soooo much fun! Plus, nothing can top the amazing runner’s high I’ve had ALL day long. Who would have known??

I’m also looking into another 8K run at the end of April, and I’m pumped to actually train for it (I didn’t really train for this run). I’ll be sure to let you know what my plan is!

For now, it’s back to studying for my final tomorrow… just one, and then I have a week and a half of spring break! Woohoo!


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